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Hi Every one,

My product name is tx1000, but after uploading in my website it names changes to tx1000-600x360_0.jpg
It means dimensions included in product image name.
Please help me how to prevent this to show its real name, i.e, tx1000 in my website and search engines.



Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:46 am

Post by IP_CAM » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:58 am

OC shrinks and renames the shrinked Images to the admin-defined Image Sizes,
by adding their width+height Values to the image title/name, and saving them
in the image/CACHE/... Subdirectory for further use.
There is no way, to just remove the size-extension-part, because those images are
stored in the DB including their Size, or they would no longer be found, if they are
called by a Page.

To change this, all images would have to be called from the image/catalog/... Directory,
by use of their original Filename, instead of regularely be called from the image/cache/catalog/...
Directory, and this means, that all those images would have to be size-reduced by just squeezing
them in size, and so make them look rather ugly, if an image, sized 1200x800 px originally, to
be shown in let's say 80x80 px resolution, not to mention the GIANT Page Load time, related to such.
And every image would individually be required to be size-defined, on every page, where one exists.

But this would be a Custom Modification, since nothing like this exists, to my Knowledge,
exept for presenting the clicked-on Product Image in it's unshrinked Form, like shown here: ... duct_id=11
Just to give you some ideas on this ;)
Good Luck!
Automatic Image Popup Sizer ... n_id=20777
another way of getting a similar result is in the zipped File, since the original seems no longer to exist.
But they both are created for v.1.5 OC Versions, and may have to be slightly relinked, to function again.

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