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Previously I used the included upgrade script to upgrade from one 2.x version to another and it made an impressively big mess. I ended up moving back to an earlier 2.x version (

My mistake was assuming that the upgrade script had been fully tested. I later found on the forums that the script screwed things up for pretty much everyone that used it and was ultimately never fixed. Since then I've stuck with 2.1 as I don't have time to deal with a complicated upgrade process. Now that version 3 is out I'm considering upgrading.

Does anyone have a cliff notes version of the status of the current 3.x upgrade process? Is it working? Is there anything I need to know in advance?

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There is no upgrade script that works 100% for everyone, nor will ever be, because anything can be changed in opencart and that is also why we use it, isnt it? This is what you need to know.

If you want to upgrade, try it on a test server / folder first, to avoid problems. As far as I can tell from issues being posted on the forum, upgrading from 2.x to 3.x should be smoother, the errors that are reported arent such a hassle to solve, but you should try it anyway.

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