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So I've got an oddball question but with all the email based changes in this new system and the file layout I'm kinda having some trouble. In the past I got via email the exact same email the customer did when updating, or when I got a new order. Now in the new system I'm getting a very abbreviated version that doesn't include much information at all.

I'd like to be able to add all that information and make it send me the full email it sends the customer. I use this as a bit of a failsafe if something happened to the site I could rebuild my orders from the emails. And since my business is longer term than most it's around 8 weeks until the order is built and shipped. So it's possible for something to happen to the site before an order ships. Also it lets me insure exactly what the customer is seeing format wise as well.

Also additionally I noticed that the customer doesn't seem to get the "comments" field from the order, where they used to. This is another one of those things if I'm manually putting in an order with options not supported by the site I include them there, which now the customer doesn't see when I send through the order. So if you've got a suggestion where I can add that back in it would also be appreciated.

Thanks for any insight.

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