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Hi, I want to write to the choices immediately at the same price as it will be for sale. Instead of adding or subtracting from the original price. Is this possible?
I am prevented from doing so by the fact that I have to indicate at the 'Data' point what price, and in the 'options' I can only increase or decrease that price. But this method is not suitable for me, because there will be a replica shop, the choices are the sizes of the improvements, so it would be most convenient to write the final price at the desired size (option), not add or subtract from the original price. I understand that I can write the zeros to the 'Data' price and continue to write the prices to the options, but then visitors will not be able to choose any price, which will cost € 0.00, which is very misleading and seems unreliable. So what if there is a module that can immediately show the price from the lowest to the highest option price or something like this to solve this prolem?

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