Post by ibrunomaciel » Wed May 17, 2017 1:00 am

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me.

Basically, when a customer is logged in, I want it to autopopulate a (live chat) using their JS api:

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$crisp.push(["set", "user:email", ""]);
$crisp.push(["set", "user:nickname", "Client Name"]);
Any simple idea to do do changes in few files without creating many changes in clients panel + login in checkout + success page ? O0



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Post by IP_CAM » Wed May 17, 2017 8:25 am

Simple, well, create a <?php if ($logged) { ?> .... <?php } ?> routine, containing your 'Code',
then, pack it into some nice little + matching 'style class' Frame/Box/Section, and place it into those
... theme/template/... files, where you want it to display, without possibly disturbing other
Elements, in their Fuction and/or Visibility, in the different resolution View Sizes.
Simple enough ? :laugh:
You see, some work will be involved, in any case, and depending on the theme used as well...
Good Luck!

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