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Ok, I consider myself a reasonably savvy user but I can't find where to enable/install paypal to process payments or shipping modules. In fact no modules show up.

I'm using the latest WAMPServer on Windows. Installed the cart no issues, changed some basics configs like store name, added some test products, etc.

But, no extensions how up under Admin/Extensions, what's up

Solved: Had to refer to the demo's admin configs to see how to do this, Seems that apache on windows throws creation of config.php and .htacces into knots
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welcome to the forum - use the search button there is multi threads on this issues and how to fix it


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I'll be a bit more helpful, as that is a pretty major bug that plagued me as well. I even know what the problem and solution is and I couldn't find it searching these forums. It's only on the bugtracker afaik.

Anyway, take a look here:

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