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Hello out there, lovelies! My name is Feeby Neko and I'm a blue haired artist with a ton of cats. I'm weird and a bit wild but it makes for great advertising when it comes to my art which I sell on tees, pillows, prints and whatnot.

Would love to know what you dearies think of my setup so far- we're slowly editing the default theme to fit out needs before we reskin it into something shiny and fabulous. I'm about to add children's sizes, lots of baby apparel and hoodies as well as things like mousepads, notebooks and phone cases (the further future).

Also, I'm a freelance designer and illustrator by trade. If you need an artist to help you bring your vision to life let me know. I take commissions and I'm a fast, cheap and experienced worker. :)

NekoCreations - I'm a freelance designer. Currently accepting commissions.

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Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:19 am
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