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I have a client who needs a site developed (from scratch). Functionality over looks. Can always add a nice design once it's functional. I simply do not have to time or desire to take on this project and he's been waiting for quite a while.

Here are the basic requirements.
  • Customer registration (requires admin approval for activation)
  • Multi-step interface collects data from customer
  • Save information to database
  • Send data to 3rd party server via FTP
  • Check local folder for FTP'd response (arrives within 24 hours)
  • Process data, or resend original request (if no response)
  • Update database
  • Archive received files
  • Notify customer
This particular system cannot be tested with the 3rd party until it is nearing functional completion. 3rd party will not provide access to test environment until you are actually ready to send/receive test data (main reason I don't want to do it). So all you'll have to go on is provided documentation, client's limited input, and feedback from the 3rd party service provider.

So aside from the provided documentation from the state, you'll likely have to wing it.

PM me if interested and I'll forward you his contact information.

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