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I'm having trouble with the search on our Shop Open Cart V, - it seems when you go search of a product it gives you everything but what your actually searching for. - We have a Balm for example Its full name is: "Anna's Whare Kawakawa Balm 25gm" - You type in "kawakaw" and it brings it up on the drop down options, "kawakawa "and it wont bring it up, - you type in "kawakawa b" and it brings it up, and also if you spell it with a capital letter correctly as "Kawakawa" it brings it up - very inconsistent -- you type in the whole word correctly with a lower case and it wont show it. - We have the module Smart Search, and have played around with all the different priorities of what to search for etc. - We have name as No. 1 and tags etc down the list. Is there something I am missing? - Very frustrating. seems something to do with capitalization to some extent, as another product you type in with all capitals and it only brings things up that have that word in the titles. - Website is:



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If you're using my Smart Search extension, please contact me here for support:

Smart Search is case-insensitive so it sounds like you may have something else interfering. I can check that out if I get access to your installation and can run some tests.

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