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It adds a new method for your website to filter out the products. Customers may find the products with ease by using this module.

With the help of pre-selected filter choices like category/subcategories, manufacturers, and qualities, among others, this module enables buyers to identify the products that meet their search parameters. The filter option on the front can be shown or hidden using the setting.
This plugin allows you to alter the text in the setting and supports many stores and languages. All of the OpenCart themes that are offered on the market perform excellently with it. This addon can quickly determine the outcome from 100,000 different items. The filter algorithm is really well-written to consume minimal time and database memory.

By choosing yes or no in the configuration, the administrator can show and conceal the filter by default. The search filter immediately takes the setting into account. The search term will be matched with the chosen filters to produce the best outcome. All of the enabled qualities, brands, manufacturers, categories, and subcategories will be displayed by this filter.

The search filter's look can be customized in terms of color with the OpenCart Mega Filter Pack extension. The filter's title, text, and background can all have new colors selected by the admin. To choose a color that works with all current browsers, a java color picker is provided. The administrator is able to choose a color from it. Similar to how OpenCart's default module produces a module section, this extension does the same. The filter may appear on multiple pages or in accordance with the needs.

Choose the page where you want to display the filter in the layout section. The administrator can then choose the Mega Filter Pack search from the list of modules to display in that particular position on the website. It will show up in the position on the page layout you choose.
To display a search filter, for instance, the administrator can choose the top, left, right, or bottom of the content

Multi-language support is available for OpenCart category, subcategory, manufacturer, and attribute filter extensions. For text editing, the tabs for the currently selected language input box will be displayed. The administrator should type the content using the input box's language icon.
when a website user or customer switches language. Depending on the language choice, the text on the search filter changes. As a result, it supports websites' international SEO efforts and targets customers worldwide.

To design the OpenCart categories, subcategories, manufacturer, and characteristics filter module, TMD used OCMOD and VQMOD. On OpenCart versions 2.3.x and 3.0.x, it operates flawlessly. Additionally, the most recent stable version has been tested.
For the cloud version to perform at its peak, it is used. Unit tests have been used in testing to ensure the quality of the job.
After installing TMD OpenCart modules, your website's files will stay the same and unaltered. The website will continue to operate as it did before. Isn't it simple to use? Yeah!

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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