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Customers can create product quotations and submit them to the website using this module. Administrators have the ability to accept or reject quotes and even introduce new goods. The customer will receive an email with the latest status of the quotation.
Multiple products may be added by customers in a single quotation request. Type the product's unit cost into the box. Its own quotation cart page is available.

The client account will show all of the specified product quotation lists. The administrator can lower the pricing to provide the product at a discount and approve the quotation. or raise the price quoted for the product. Four email templates can be made by the administrator for various occurrences. To write the email template according to work, shortcodes are provided.

This quote module supports several languages. OpenCart versions 2. x and 3. x have also been tested.
In the product edit in the admin, a quotation tab will show up. Enter the product's pricing range. Choose the background and text colors for the button. Enable the product's quotation. By doing this, the quotation button will replace the add-to-cart button on the product page.

Customers can request a quotation by clicking the "GET Request Button" on the product page, where a price range will be presented. Instead of adding the item to the website's standard cart page, the OpenCart quote module will add it to the quotation cart. The quotation manager in OpenCart includes a separate quotation page. Customers can add the product unit pricing here. Write a message for further action as well.

The quotation page follows the website's color scheme and has a contemporary style. By using the submit button, a quotation will be posted to the website.
Only products with the enabled quotation will have this quotation cart page shown.

The customer account will be updated each time a customer creates a product quotation using the OpenCart quotation extension. Customers are always able to examine all product quotation lists. Customers can review the details of each individual quotation. The quotation's detail page will provide the updated status of the quotation. The Pending status is displayed when the administrator has not yet reviewed the quotation.

The consumer is always notified through email when the status of the quotation has changed. The OpenCart quotation module will send an email automatically when the admin approves or rejects it. An email template was made by the admin and will be chosen based on status. This makes the administrative process simple.

It will move on to the next phase while keeping the consumer informed about the quotation. Each customer's quotation is displayed in list view format by the OpenCart product quotation extension. It has all the required fields, enabling the administrator to quickly identify the quotation.

There are numerous action buttons on it, including view, edit, approve, and delete. Administrators have access to each quotation. The customer information, store name and URL, date, and product information are all included.

There is a price section where the admin can set their own price. Costs from customer product quotations will be ignored. By clicking the approve button, the admin can accept the price listed on the customer quotation. If not, Admin can approve the quotation and enter the final price by applying a discount. On the page that details each quotation, this is possible.

There is a filter available for the quotations list. The filter contains four fields in total. Both the admin account and the customer account contain it.
This filter can be used by both users and administrators to get the desired outcome. The field that autocompletes is the client name. Simply enter the customer's initial, and a list of names that match will be presented. The calendar used to choose the from-to dates is the date range.

Editing the specific customer's quotation is an option provided by the OpenCart product quotation extension. The administrator can change the customer's name, email, phone number, store, and other details. A list of the products for which the customer has requested a quote is shown on the product details tab. The administrator can update the quotation list by adding new items here. Because customers occasionally email or contact websites to request an update to the product list of quotations, it is quite beneficial for websites.

It only requires one step. Either from the quotation list page or the detail page, the administrator can accept the price that the customer has quoted for the products. Enter the updated total price for each product included in the quotation if the admin wants to give a customer a discount, then click the approve button.

Additionally, by clicking the reject option, the admin can reject the quotation. The customer profile will be updated with the status.
Additionally, this addon offers a tool for making email templates. These email templates will be used to send emails in response to various quotation-related events, such as when a customer creates a request for the first time, the customer and admin will both receive emails, and the client will receive emails anytime the admin accepts or rejects the quotation.

A total of four email templates can be made by the administrator using the OpenCart product quotation extension. One of these email templates will be utilized each time an email is about to be sent. Multilingual email templates are available for all of them. The national flag and language name will appear in the tabs. Administrators are able to write emails in reputable languages. While writing the email template, shortcodes are provided to lessen the administrative effort. When the email is triggered, these shortcodes can be inserted into the template and transformed into representative text.

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