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The admin may be given the option to include a contact form on each page of the website. You can write the title and description before the contact form.
The phone number field in the form can be shown or hidden depending on the option. It will make form management easier for the administrator.
Additionally, an email auto-reply setting is available. The email template can be made by the admin.
This plugin works well with multilingual websites and is compatible with OpenCart 3x.

In this module, you can customize the title and description that appear above the contact form. A WYSIWYG editor is present in the description area. Because of this, the admin is forced to create the description in text or HTML.

To stop spam submissions, turn on Google reCaptcha for the form. Enable the automated email reply feature to contact the user who filled out the contact form. The OpenCart website's option for Google ReCaptcha keys will be used.

The phone number field on the form can be made mandatory for entry or optional, and vice versa, by Amin.
If the OpenCart contact us module's status is changed to disabled, contact us will no longer be visible anywhere on the website.

The email template that will be sent to the user's email address who submitted the form can be written separately under this setting. The auto-reply email will be sent using the admin email id.

Using HTML/CSS, write the subject line and make an email template. The website administrator can design a compelling template to entice users to wait for a response. The module recognizes and sends an auto-reply email using the admin-created template whenever a new question is submitted by the user. It will make sure that the customer's request has been received by the website and will receive a prompt response.

The module provides a number of shortcodes. These can be included in the auto-reply email template to let the sender know what the consumer had asked.
For the customer's name, email, phone number, and message, the admin can utilize the shortcode. It will be automatically transformed into representative data that the customer enters in the form. Additionally, by avoiding having to manually type in all the information, it saves admin time managing emails.

The module will email the admin as soon as a customer submits a fresh question. Both autoresponder emails and admin emails consistently function.
All of the information that the user submitted when submitting the contact form will be included in this email. This add-on uses the user's email to contact the website administrator with a new inquiry.

The module will be instantly added to OpenCart's layout section. Because of this, the contact form's information can be located wherever the internet page's content is. The fast contact us module can be chosen in the page layout's position section by the administrator while editing the page layout. The form will be brought to that page and the chosen location.

The OpenCart fast contact us module is highly effective thanks to this configuration. It can be positioned at the top, left, right, or bottom of the page's content area. The OpenCart fast contact us addon is compatible with multilingual websites. This extension will identify the language that is installed and active on the page and display it in the various tabs along with the name of the language and the flag of the respective nation.

The administrator can compose the auto-reply email's title, description, subject line, content, and other details in the appropriate language. The extension will check the language and display the admin-selected language content when users change the website's current language.
This will assist a website in attracting visitors from abroad and so increase online sales.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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