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I modified the Order status table. And updated the configurations settings. But the code in the model is not running off the the configuration settings. It is only partially checking the order_status settings but is also brute forcing for what it wants to see within the code. That should not be... It defeats the purpose of configuration settings altogether.
And here is the line that I believe to be the culprit but i'm still investigating.
Line 301 in the Catalog->model->Checkout->Order :

Code: Select all

// If current order status is not processing or complete but new status is processing or complete then commence completing the order
If (!in_array($order_info['order_status_id'], array_merge($this->config->get('config_processing_status'), $this->config->get('config_complete_status'))) && in_array($order_status_id, array_merge($this->config->get('config_processing_status'), $this->config->get('config_complete_status')))) {

In my case the order_status is being set to order_id = 5 in the order table. It does not use the DEFAULT(NEW) from the configurations settings. I don't have an entry with id=5 in my order_statuses table. I removed it. But because I really don't want to keep changing core code. I will probably just create an entry with id="5" and name="New" which could possibly be what it was originally...

So.... Yeah... I just went back and updated my order_statuses table so that PENDING is in the list and id="1". And the new order comes through successfully as PENDING. So basically either the code needs to be updated or you can just remove the code_status configurations because the code mostly ignores what is in the table.

This falls back to my biggest complaint about this product. It is designed ONLY around a shipping based model.
My 2nd biggest complaint is the severe lacking of developer documentation. I haven't got a clue how to make an extension or a module.

I am wrestling this cart into a nice brick and mortar order system but i wont be able to share any of it unless i can create the holy grail of features... The almighty secretive module. LOL.


Tue Sep 13, 2022 10:33 am
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