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This module will assist the admin in adding a stock label to the products. Giving customers precise information about the product stock on the website will be one of the greatest solutions. Customers will find it easier to purchase the item before it sells out.
For more significant differentiation, the administrator can provide each product's stock label with a unique text label with a certain color. It will show up on both the product page and the products list.

The OpenCart default modules that display products on the website's various pages are compatible with this extension.
It supports OpenCat versions 1.5x, 2x, and 3x and works fantastically with OpenCart multilingual websites.

An administrator may make as many stock labels for a product as desired. The admin can update or delete any labels that are displayed in the list view.
The label's name, background color, and text color must all be chosen by the administrator. A new stock label can be created in only one minute.
Along with more recent labels, new labels will also be displayed in the list view. To make a stock label appropriate for the assigned product, an administrator can always change one or all of the labels' colors.

Assigning stock labels is one phase in the job process. On the product edit page, the stock label dropdown will have all of the possible labels.
Following the substack stock choice, the admin must choose the stock label. The stock label for that product will be automatically displayed thanks to the OpenCart multicolor color stock label module.

Stock labels will appear on products as soon as they are assigned to them. Additionally, the product detail page will show it.
The admin's choice of color will be used for both the label and background. On the top-left of the product image, a strip of the label will be visible.
The admin can simply adjust individual labels to change their hue, which will improve the label design. The module will adjust the strip's size to fit the container holding the product image.

With the OpenCart default module, this stock label extension is fully functional. The stock label will be automatically applied to the products that exhibit under these modules.

The latest, featured products, specials, bestsellers, etc. are some examples of default modules. As a result, the stock labels will be visible on every product on the website.

All multilingual OpenCart websites are supported by the OpenCart multicolor stock label plugin. For easier understanding, this plugin will show all of the active languages that are present on the page in a separate input box with the national flag and language name.
When the website's language changes, this module will automatically verify it and use the same language text that was set.
Extensions and themes for OpenCart adhere to the approved documentation. As a result, all OpenCart themes are compatible with our OpenCart stock label module.

Some examples of OpenCart themes include Sellya, Shoppica, Faster, Journal, Sellegance, e-Market, Bigshop, and SimpleGreat. Product stock labels are applied to the product using XML technology at run time.
if you made an OpenCart theme specifically for your own website that meets your needs. Our extensions will function flawlessly.

The OpenCart multicolor stock label extension is compatible with OpenCart versions 2 and 3. It has been tested up to OpenCart functioning with OpenCart 1.5x's lower version as well.
Recommended The OpenCart extension was created using OCMOD and VQMOD. At the time of installing this module, no fundamental files of the website will be replaced or changed.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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