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An OpenCart module and extension for OpenCart store owners are TMD Restrict Products and Categories by Customer group. The store administrator can add products depending on consumer groups thanks to it. A specifically chosen client group is the only group that can see the products and categories.
Restrictions on products and categories can be set for various types of organizations, including retailers, wholesalers, and others.
Setting up several types of groups and categories makes managing our store easier, whether it be a product or a customer.

It is best to group items and categories when there are many different product categories or products.
The same holds true for customer groups; when building groups, customers may be defined by kind, city, category, etc.
By grouping the items and categories, it is simpler to filter them without wasting time on needless product sifting.
The user can filter the products based on established client groups, which speeds up navigation.

This is similar to segmenting your most valuable or profitable clients and allows for simple navigation through the filtered product inside a designated customer group. Using an appropriate category or set of products under a specified customer group, you segment one group or the other.
Therefore, when a certain client group places a purchase, the products and categories are filtered along the way without displaying extraneous things for navigation. And for that particular customer segment, choosing products and categories becomes much simpler.

Limit categories and products to a certain clientele. Support for all popular themes. Compatibility with journal themes. Deal with Mass Orders From Wholesalers Group. Simple to set up and utilize. At any moment, enable or disable. Avoids replacing any essential files

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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