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A cookie is often a small text file that is kept on your computer in the application data or browser directory.

When you use your browser to access a website that employs cookies to monitor your activity there, cookies are produced. As a result, it enables you to pick up where you left off and keeps track of your registered login information as well as your preferred theme, customization preferences, and other settings.

As a result, a cookie can maintain tabs on your activity when browsing a website.

Each cookie file that is automatically stored in your browser's cookie file normally comprises the following information:

1. The server name from which the cookie was transmitted.
2. The cookie's shelf life
3. A value, typically an original, randomly produced number

Therefore, this module essentially gives you a general overview of how to create your cookie policy and design it based on the color scheme of your website and the language you want to provide to your target audience.
Utilizing your store's cookie policy module has a number of advantages. You can fully customize a cookie warning message that appears on your commerce side of the website using the cookie Policy module.

The admin can control every setting, including the cookie message, background color, text color, hover effects for links, button positions on text, and the message that will appear in front of your store. As a result, an admin has complete control over everything from the admin panel.

There is no problem updating your website with this module because it won't alter any core OpenCart files. This is typically accomplished by copying every file in your root folder without replacing any core files.

Features Of The Cookie Policy Module
a) Provide Customize Module:
Since all of our modules are dynamic in nature due to the OpenCart platform, the admin can change the majority of them from the admin panel. An easy backend is provided by the admin panel for modifying and updating any features as needed.

b) Background Color, Text Color, Message, Button Text, Position, And Hover Effects Can Be Modified From The Admin:
The module has been designed with the bare minimum of features to be appropriate for your website and style. As a result, the admin may easily change characteristics like the background color, text color, message, button, etc.

c) Provide Attractive Color Picker:
In order to match text and background colors to your theme, you must use the color picker.
This module offers a useful feature, a color picker, so you can quickly change any desired color on properties like text, links, or backgrounds to create an impact that matches your theme. Consequently, using the color picker tool is simple.

d) No Core File Changes:
You are likely to remain safe and sound with this module installation because it does not affect any core file changes on your existing website.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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