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The module creates selections of products using various algorithms for their selection (data sources), they include:
  • Latest (Absolute/Relative)
  • Bestseller (Absolute/Relative)
  • Products with discounts (Absolute/Relative)
  • Special products (Absolute/Relative)
  • Products with bonus points (Absolute/Relative)
  • Random products (Absolute/Relative)
  • Most viewed (Absolute/Relative)
  • Most discussed (Absolute/Relative)
  • Custom SQL query
  • Custom PHP code
  • Selected products
Most data sources can operate in three modes. Let me explain using the example of the "News" module:
  • Global - New items for the entire store, the selection is like a standard module.
  • Absolute - New items from selected categories and/or manually selected manufacturers. If nothing is selected, this is the Global mode.
  • Relative - New in the current category or manufacturer (which the user is visiting). This mode also works on the product page.
The module supports template compatibility mode. This means that in 99%, you can worry about adapting the module to the template. It works by using the standard "Recommended Products" module.
It is possible to replace the template (tpl / twig) with your own. This will allow you to display products in any desired form, be it a slider / swiper, etc.

  • OpenCart/ocStore 2.3 and 3.x.
  • Languages ​​Russian, English
  • Compatible with 99% of themes in compatibility mode
  • For compatibility mode to work, ocmod is required (two edits are made to the "Recommended Products" module for a custom header and for optional template substitution).
  • The license applies to one store / multi-store + subdomains.
  • The purchase of the module entitles you to receive updates for 1 year.
  • 9175296169b6295d43da8a8a1072e9f5
  • 523695d14ab3b1ede5326ec2f52448dc
  • Install the module through the "Add-ons Manager" like any other add-on.
In progress
  • Similar products' algorithm using clustering - DBSCAN/DBSCANPlus. Similarity is determined by the name, common attributes and categories. Cosine similarity and modified Sørensen measure are used.
  • Collaborative filtering algorithm for the formation of personal recommendations to users. Used by DBSCAN/DBSCANPlus. Based on previous orders and reviews.
I hope everything will be ready by the end of the summer.

Recommended Modules
  • Custom templates Pro - replace of any tpl/twig files in modules and sections depending on the conditions.
  • Extended layout - Controls the visibility of other modules depending on conditions.
  • FSMonitor - Monitoring changes in files.

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