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The comment system in the Extension store is not intended for support questions, and should only be used for the following:
  • Pre-purchase Questions
  • Post-Purchase Testimonial, Reviews, or Constructive Criticism
Support questions should be handled via email or other private contact disclosed in the readme file of the purchased extension. Since support questions are usually very specific to the individual user, it typically doesn't benefit other people who are trying to read through pages and pages of irrelevant comments. The extension system is also very basic, and doesn't have email updates for replies from the author, so that delays getting a fix until you manually revisit the site.

It is especially counter-productive when there are issues that have been resolved and people are still reading about them in the comments, leading to more confusion about outdated issues that no longer exist.

Only in the case where the author did not include a private form of contact with the mod should the comment system be used for support questions. You should also reserve your negative comments until after you've contacted the author to assist you. Most authors are very quick to support their customers, and most of the issues are usually fixed very quickly.

Negative reviews should only be given in the case where the developer has not responded to support questions and you are left with no alternative.

There is the "Request Support" link on the extension pages, but this is poorly implemented IMO. It goes to OpenCart support staff, then they forward it to the developer. But that adds delays to the support process and involves an unnecessary go-between for a simple support question. The "Request Support" form just simply email directly to the developer and maybe CC the OpenCart staff just for reference.

It is also very important and courteous to be sure to rate the mod after you've resolved any issues by clicking on the stars on the individual extension product page. Also if you rated it less than 5 stars because it was lacking features, be sure to update your rating later if the author adds the additional features you requested.


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Tell me please, where can I see description of Support Policy that regulate authors and customers relations?
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