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I planned to setup a store with two interface. One is for public, one is for wholesale. I play around the new multi-store function. I can't get it work. I want to both site share the same catalog, but different pricing and shipping information.

I installed to At the admin panel, I add a new site called I upload a fresh code of to that folder. I can't see that it linked with the db at mystore. Any idea how to config it?




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Post by SteveSherry » Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:49 am

I'm not sure that you are going to achieve the desired effect.

Multi store essentially shows the same (or you can set different products) using the same OC code.
You essentially point 2 domains (or sub domains) to the same installed folder.

I'd suggest that you only had different prices, that you use customer groups to differentiate between your 2 types of customers, but if you need different shipping options, then multi store is not for you.
You'd need to have 2 different stores completely.

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