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I am in need of an extension that can manage monthly credit card billing for a customer's total account. The amount per month to be billed would be based on how many items they have in their account. The key is, if they add more items, their monthly bill is increased. If they remove items, their monthly bill is decreased.

For example, an item could be one software license for one user at $10/month. If a customer buys 3 licenses, they are initially billed $30 each month to their credit card. If they add 2 more licenses to their account, their monthly bill is now $50. So they are only billed once for $50; not billed twice, for $30 and $20.

I equate it to how a hosting company would bill for services, as you add or subtract services your bill goes up or down each month.



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Post by thekrotek » Wed May 22, 2019 3:50 am

Monthly billing is managed by payment gateway, not by OpenCart and its extensions. You can bill monthly by PayPal, if you wish. Hosting companies have merchant accounts, which is different.

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