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Currently running V2.1.0.2 with default template. Live site. I feel the issue related with OCMOD/Extension Installer/Modifications.

#1 After using the Extension Installer, which appears fine and responds the same, the 'Continue' & 'Clear' buttons get the red 'NO' circle so they cannot be clicked.

If I go the Extensions-->Modifications and refresh everything shows fine and it seems to work.

However the actual mods, both new types of Options in this case do not open. The developers (of each OCMOD) are unsure of the issue. I am not familer enough with reading logs to recognize an issue. Was wondering if I could get a little input and help to try and resolve?

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I can look into your issue, email me at

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Post by TheJaspMan » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:44 am

We actually moved completely away from that version due to OCMOD and VQMOD conflicts. We have had to basically try nearly every version until we found one that (almost) all the MODs worked well together. We still have a few issues. But are working through them. We will keep you in mind.

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Post by IP_CAM » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:17 am

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OCMOD and VQMOD conflicts.
Well, just to have it mentioned once again, despite of, if that works or not,
it still remains to be a rather unprofessional attempt, to make something
like OC work at it's best, by use of 2 different ways of doing the same, one
after the other, but in sligthly different ways, and by use of two different
Output Caching Sections, for not ONE single good reason at all.

Since not one single good reason exists, to have both 'override/overwrite'
Functions 'active' in an OC Installation either, if one prefers to use VqMod
instead of the built-in, but slightly less 'featured' OcMod Alternative. Or
worse, use both ... 8)

Who therefore really cares and looks for an upmost top performing
and problemfree OC Installation, should decide on one only, but not
both xxMod Functions, exclusively, to make sure, to have it performing
as problemfree and efficient as possible. Everything else is just not
professional Behaviour, but rather a 'me too' dream of 'born Followers'.

Or then, at least, one should only use something like JNeuhoff's
famous Integrated VqMod. In contrary to the default VqMod,
creating it's own VqCache Section, where it's final 'output' files reside,
JNeuhoff's Solution directly add's it's 'doings' to the OcModded
Output Cache Files, located in the whatever/extension/modification/...
Subdirectories. And linked/named exactly as the OC default Files also.

Strictly technically, they could be used to overwrite the default Files, and
everything on Extensions would be built-in by OC Default. ;)

And after OcModded Content has been changed, by adding/removing/
editing an OcMod Extension, Integrated VqMod will automatically
update the 'last' OcModded Cache Files in charge, by adding it's own
'changes' to those Files, and with no more need, to create and then use
it's own VqCache/... Files, to serve as Server Output Code Content Files.

Integrated VqMod keeps a Server from 'handling' two different
Caching Sections, where only one is required, to make it work the ONLY
upmost 'direct' way. It saves time and ressources, and keeps a lot of
potential problems away, when it comes to Extensions.

Sorry, nothing personal, no offense, just plain talk. It's not the OC Users fault
either, that both Functions exist. And would there have been a Switch, to be
free, to decide, whether Function will be used, many Problems would have
been avoided in the first place ... :'(

PS. My personal problem with OcMod is more, that it keeps the xxx.xml File Content
in the Database, in contary to VqMod, keeping it's xml Files in the vqmod/xml/...
Directory. And I don't like to have anything on a DB, what does not really belong there ...
But that's only my smallminded Swiss way of looking at (to me important) things.
PS: ONLY be usable, if OcMod has NOT been de-activated! ::) :laugh:
Integrated VQmod for OpenCart, free, OC v. - 3.x:
Untested, since it does not work with 1.5.6.x, as it comes (yet)! ... n_id=19501

Please don't send me OC Forum Personal Messages, just contact:
OC LIGHT Test Site:
OC V-PRO Test Site:
My Github OC Site:
2'600+ FREE OC Extensions on the World's largest Github OC Repository Archive Site.

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