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Recently I broke my opencart website. I have no idea how, but here is what I'm experiencing, how i've tried to fix it, and things I may have done to cause the issue. On the admin side the languages don't seem to be working.
I see "text_default" instead of 'Default", at first I thought it was a language problem. But then I realized non of my products are showing. Maybe an API issue?

I have loaded in an old .sql backup that fixes everything but it is a very old backup. So I have eliminated the possibility of it being an issue with the core opencart code. I did recently switch the language from "en-gb" to "english" which was added by my theme, and then changed it back to "en-gb".
I have also restored the oc_language table from my backup to my current. That did not fix the problem.

I hope was hoping some the Guru's could shed some light onto what may be going on.

Also should note, frontend is completely fine.
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Post by straightlight » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:15 am

Ensure the oc_language and the oc_setting tables both have the right language ID value and that the language code corresponds to the one from the installation when using the English pack.

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Post by vsdev » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:28 am

You sir, are a life saver.
Changed config_admin_language, config_language from english to en-gb in oc_settings
and that fixed it.
Thank you!

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