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I built my current store on a local host and then put it on a temporary test server so dev's could access. It's now copied across to the proper domain, however I have just realised that the invoices have the wrong domain in the top left section below e-mail and telephone. It's showing the domain of my test server.

Where does opencart get this information from / how can I fix this error?



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Post by Johnathan » Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:29 am

The store name and URL is recorded at the time the order is placed. You can change that in the "order" database table, using phpMyAdmin or some other database editing program. The columns are called "store_name" and "store_url".

If you want an extension that can edit order information, including the store name and URL, I also have an Edit Order Line Items extension. However, if you only need to do this one time you probably don't need that, since any new orders placed on your site should have the correct store name & URL recorded.

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