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**Solved: Seemed to be some hing maliscious going on. After changing passwords to extreme complexity and ultimately moving to a new host, things quit happening.

I have just taken over an opencart site that was already designed on 1.5+. I am just learning opencart and such. Here is my issue. The site runs great for about a week. All of a sudden, the vqmods break. I can ftp the vqmods folder back up to the site and all is good for another few days to couple weeks. Has anybody experienced this before? I have spoken with the former web guy. He says that it breaks every couple weeks. He also said that something the web host does causes the PHP to roll back a couple revisions all along and to keep an eye out for that as well. Is this normal as well for most hosts? I have never really experienced that before except in a rare instances.
FYI: The vqmod that breaks tends to be working with the quickorder extension/mod.
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Web hosts should never be "rolling back" your site without your express authorization. I would find a new web host.

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