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we purchased a plugin Opencart Aliexpress Dropship / DropShipper few months back. The function of this plugin was to fetch product data from aliexpress website into our opencart store and other dropshipping features. The plugin has major flaws which the developer cleverly hide in all the prebuy presentations and to which he got zero support but our team still decided to move forward in using this plugin. Non of those flaws had anything to do with our site but the developer kept on insisting that we should provide each and every credential for our store. Later when he failed to give any logical reason for that he simply admitted that he know about those flaws from day one and also knew that he do not have the skills to fix it. Well its clear why would he be asking for credentials when he already know the flaws in his plugin from day one, i am sure we all can guess the answer to that.

Current Problem:
We have 2 stores(live and test site) and everything was working fine till last week but 3 days back suddenly the chrome extension stopped working on both sites. We made no changes to our store (codes or dashboard) on any of the 2 sites, even both the stores are hosted at different servers from different companies. So the recent problem has nothing to do with our hosting or store credentials. The chrome extension had 2 functions, one is to fetch the desired product data from aliexpress while on the aliexpress website (not our store) and second to enter that data into our store database. The extension now fails to fetch product data. the problem might be caused by chrome or chrome extension update. BUT again the developer is insisting for all our credentials.

I believe that opencart should add a strict policy against asking such details, specially when the intention behind it seems to be wrong. Some of us might make a mistake of providing such details and end up in being robbed. I also request the Opencart admins to please blacklist the developer who tried to rob us twice and his plugin has major flaws that he is cleverly hiding in all the pre-purchaser presentations.m



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Contact site support for those inquiries.

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You may only use it on one domain, even when the other domain is only a subdomain.

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I also request the Opencart admins to please blacklist the developer
... and the Developer probably requested the OC Admins, to block you from posting, since
you seemengly don't want anyone else, to access your server, to find out, whats wrong, after
you complained, that a paid Mod would not work, as expected. :laugh:
It's a lot of noise, you try to make, as it looks, but I honestly don't think, that it makes
much sense, at least, as long you seem to play with 'hidden' carts too. ::)
Just figured, nothing personal... :D

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