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I was updating a site from 1.5.4 to and noticed that when I modified the SQL data using tools -> backup and restore for product_image and oc_product, my homepage slideshow and carousal went missing and all my product images say in the HTML source image src = (unknown).

The strange part is that it's enabled in the layout design (route common/home) and the image slideshow is in the admin panel. But when I login to the store, nothing displays. I tried to uninstall the slideshow, reupload a different banner but nothing is working. But when I activate another module like category on the column left, it works. It's like there's something wrong with the slideshow module. I've searched everywhere to find a solution but no luck.

Does anyone know what the issue may be?



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Post by Johnathan » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:13 pm

Modules are stored in the database differently in OpenCart 1.5 and OpenCart 2.3. You'll need to recreate and reassign your modules in the upgraded store, in the Extensions > Modules section. Also, you may need to recreate your banners in Design > Banners, if those continue to have issues after reassigning the modules.

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