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some people might want only one picture in the slide show like i do its my main website logo -

first off you must only have one picture or image in the slide show of your banners - Home Page Slideshow- [[[ admin panel ]]]

then locate your swiper.jquery.js <-------File

next create a changes file folder on your computer save the file your editing is saved in this folder.

in case you make a mistake you always have the original in the main folder always do this always.......... O0

NEXT find the swiper.jquery.js file below and change the SPEED 300 TO ----> 0 that's it and upload the file.

below file partial copy not full its to long and dont need it all here...[ swiper.jquery.js ]

go to [ catalog ], [ view ], [ javascript ], [ jquery ], [ swiper ], [ js ] <------ JS is where it all is the SPEED set it to zero save & upload.

i have a image view of the file structure it easy to find the file with this VIEW attached file.

[[[[[[[[[ Now the footer slide show i'm gonna look for that next.... ]]]]]]]]]]]]]

* Swiper 3.4.2
* Most modern mobile touch slider and framework with hardware accelerated transitions
* Copyright 2017, Vladimir Kharlampidi
* The
* Licensed under MIT
* Released on: March 10, 2017
(function () {
'use strict';
var $;

var Swiper = function (container, params) {
if (!(this instanceof Swiper)) return new Swiper(container, params);

var defaults = {
direction: 'horizontal',
touchEventsTarget: 'container',
initialSlide: 0,
speed: 300, <------------------------------------------------This is it change to speed: 0,
// autoplay
autoplay: false,
autoplayDisableOnInteraction: true,
autoplayStopOnLast: false,
// To support iOS's swipe-to-go-back gesture (when being used in-app, with UIWebView).
iOSEdgeSwipeDetection: false,
iOSEdgeSwipeThreshold: 20,
// Free mode
freeMode: false,
freeModeMomentum: true,
freeModeMomentumRatio: 1,
freeModeMomentumBounce: true,
freeModeMomentumBounceRatio: 1,
freeModeMomentumVelocityRatio: 1,
freeModeSticky: false,
freeModeMinimumVelocity: 0.02,
// Autoheight
autoHeight: false,
// Set wrapper width
setWrapperSize: false,
// Virtual Translate
virtualTranslate: false,
// Effects
effect: 'slide', // 'slide' or 'fade' or 'cube' or 'coverflow' or 'flip'
coverflow: {
rotate: 50,
stretch: 0,
depth: 100,
modifier: 1,
slideShadows : true
flip: {
slideShadows : true,
limitRotation: true
cube: {
slideShadows: true,
shadow: true,
shadowOffset: 20,
shadowScale: 0.94
fade: {
crossFade: false
// Parallax
parallax: false,
// Zoom
zoom: false,
zoomMax: 3,
zoomMin: 1,
zoomToggle: true,
// Scrollbar
scrollbar: null,
scrollbarHide: true,
scrollbarDraggable: false,
scrollbarSnapOnRelease: false,
// Keyboard Mousewheel
keyboardControl: false,
mousewheelControl: false,
mousewheelReleaseOnEdges: false,
mousewheelInvert: false,
mousewheelForceToAxis: false,
mousewheelSensitivity: 1,
mousewheelEventsTarged: 'container',
// Hash Navigation
hashnav: false,
hashnavWatchState: false,
// History
history: false,
// Commong Nav State
replaceState: false,
// Breakpoints
breakpoints: undefined,
// Slides grid
spaceBetween: 0,
slidesPerView: 1,
slidesPerColumn: 1,
slidesPerColumnFill: 'column',
slidesPerGroup: 1,
centeredSlides: false,
slidesOffsetBefore: 0, // in px
slidesOffsetAfter: 0, // in px
// Round length
roundLengths: false,
// Touches
touchRatio: 1,
touchAngle: 45,
simulateTouch: true,
shortSwipes: true,
longSwipes: true,
longSwipesRatio: 0.5,
longSwipesMs: 300,
followFinger: true,
onlyExternal: false,
threshold: 0,
touchMoveStopPropagation: true,
touchReleaseOnEdges: false,
// Unique Navigation Elements
uniqueNavElements: true,
// Pagination
pagination: null,
paginationElement: 'span',
paginationClickable: false,
paginationHide: false,
paginationBulletRender: null,
paginationProgressRender: null,
paginationFractionRender: null,
paginationCustomRender: null,
paginationType: 'bullets', // 'bullets' or 'progress' or 'fraction' or 'custom'
// Resistance
resistance: true,
resistanceRatio: 0.85,
// Next/prev buttons
nextButton: null,
prevButton: null,
// Progress
watchSlidesProgress: false,
watchSlidesVisibility: false,
// Cursor
grabCursor: false,
// Clicks
preventClicks: true,
preventClicksPropagation: true,
slideToClickedSlide: false,
// Lazy Loading
lazyLoading: false,
lazyLoadingInPrevNext: false,
lazyLoadingInPrevNextAmount: 1,
lazyLoadingOnTransitionStart: false,
// Images
preloadImages: true,
updateOnImagesReady: true,
// loop
loop: false,
loopAdditionalSlides: 0,
loopedSlides: null,
// Control
control: undefined,
controlInverse: false,
controlBy: 'slide', //or 'container'
normalizeSlideIndex: true,
// Swiping/no swiping
allowSwipeToPrev: true,
allowSwipeToNext: true,
swipeHandler: null, //'.swipe-handler',
noSwiping: true,
noSwipingClass: 'swiper-no-swiping',
// Passive Listeners
passiveListeners: true,
// NS
containerModifierClass: 'swiper-container-', // NEW
slideClass: 'swiper-slide',
slideActiveClass: 'swiper-slide-active',
slideDuplicateActiveClass: 'swiper-slide-duplicate-active',
slideVisibleClass: 'swiper-slide-visible',
slideDuplicateClass: 'swiper-slide-duplicate',
slideNextClass: 'swiper-slide-next',
slideDuplicateNextClass: 'swiper-slide-duplicate-next',
slidePrevClass: 'swiper-slide-prev',
slideDuplicatePrevClass: 'swiper-slide-duplicate-prev',
wrapperClass: 'swiper-wrapper',
bulletClass: 'swiper-pagination-bullet',
bulletActiveClass: 'swiper-pagination-bullet-active',
buttonDisabledClass: 'swiper-button-disabled',
paginationCurrentClass: 'swiper-pagination-current',
paginationTotalClass: 'swiper-pagination-total',
paginationHiddenClass: 'swiper-pagination-hidden',
paginationProgressbarClass: 'swiper-pagination-progressbar',
paginationClickableClass: 'swiper-pagination-clickable', // NEW
paginationModifierClass: 'swiper-pagination-', // NEW
lazyLoadingClass: 'swiper-lazy',
lazyStatusLoadingClass: 'swiper-lazy-loading',
lazyStatusLoadedClass: 'swiper-lazy-loaded',
lazyPreloaderClass: 'swiper-lazy-preloader',
notificationClass: 'swiper-notification',
preloaderClass: 'preloader',
zoomContainerClass: 'swiper-zoom-container',

// Observer
observer: false,
observeParents: false,



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Please use the forum BB Codes to post your codes.

The most generated errors being found on Opencart forum originates from contributed programming. The increased post counters are caused by redundancies of the same solutions that were already provided prior.

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all that about the forum bb codes and you could not even provide a quick jump link ?

it would be very helpful if some fix the search for the forum and turn off the time limit too its really awful does not work half the time.

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