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I had been using the 1.5 version of the Import/export tool, and my customer has found it absolutely perfect, no issues at all.
I now need to build them a new site, so using 2.2 instead.
Installed the same version 2.2 module, and figured I would simply do a manual comparison of the export from 1.5 and the import for 2.2 but they are so vastly different there is no way to do it without hours of work.

I am assuming the huge diference is due to Opencart rather than your own script, but is there any solution or do I end up entering everything all over again.

I am suffering similar issues with other modules, that work perfect in 1.5 and work terribly in 2.2, makes me question moving to 2.2 at all

The old statement, if it aint broke dont fix it springs to mind.

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Never touch a running engine... :-*
It would not be logical, to expect OpenCart v.2.x to be and work similar, as OC v.1.5.x did, because then, it would make no sense, to make it to be OC v.2 ! Just compare it with Windows, I never heard, that someone would try to simply overwrite an existing WIN-2000, filewise, with a WIN-10, then, expecting anything to function as before, just by use of some newly painted Face.

Just look at it from the commercial point of view, there was not much, not yet available, for OC v.1.5.6, so, any upgrade to OC v.1.6.0 would have had no impact on Extension-Sales, exept of possibly a few new responsive Themes, everything else already exists, and this would have been, at best, a non profit way of continuing Business, for everybody involved.

So, it was a logical step, and decision, to change certain THINGS, 'rework' certain routines/functions, and prepare the new Version to keep up with future Requirements as well. And this is beeing done on a steady pace, as I mentioned earlier, OC v. will be a very great Shop, I swear! ;D And even better than my beloved v.
The only real bad thing about the 'Version-Upgrade' was Communication. There was NONE, at least not from the official Site, in contrary, some informations, even beeing part of the Install Package, where controversial, in terms of 'transparency', and many screwed up, because of the Fact, that no outspoken WARNING existed anywhere, to make them think first, before trying to achieve the unachievable.

I would have done it in a different way, ;) but since it comes for free, what the heck...?! Nobody is perfect. :D
There are many DEV's, familiar with upgrading DB's to match, codewise, the OC v.2.x Versions. If you depend on a professional way of moving Data, it should be worth a few Bucks, because if you try to do such, you possibly end up, wasting many hours, or even days, and, eventually, with a broken-down Place and DB. ... grade%20DB

Just my very personal view on this!
Don't take anything of it seriously, it's not meant so.. 8)

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