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Hi all

I'm currently using Opencart via Aceshop for Joomla. I've tried contact Aceshop with this issue but they are being useless at responding so wanted to see if any of you kind folk can help!

I've got a customised sub-category layout on our site, which uses OC Extender's vqmod ("sub_category_images.xml") to display the sub-category exactly like our main categories are displayed i.e. images in grid format.

We've recently started to add some sub-categories in and are having an issue where the sub-categories are appearing twice. Here's an example: ... l-stickers

Anyone got any idea what's causing this?

In addition, is it possible to remove the number references on the sub-categories?

Thanks in advance!



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Post by florinsith » Tue Jun 24, 2014 6:43 pm

Either the vqmod is uploaded twice or it find the line its looking for twice and applies the modification both times (for this scenario edit the xml and add index="1" on the search line from the operation that adds the subcategory grid.)

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