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This is a Public Service Announcement to hopefully curb the massive posts and emails I see daily about the "Being Reviewed" status.

This is explained during checkout, but I fear the wording is too small for people to read.

The OpenCart Extension Store has an AntiFraud system in place because there are too many smacktards in this world that like to hijack paypal accounts and rip off not only the owner, but also the developers and OpenCart owners.

This antifraud is based mostly off of geo-location and ip location matching. Here are a few reasons why your order may go to the Being Reviewed status:
  • Your address is too far from the IP address geolocation. This may be because you're near the border of 2 countries and your address is on one side and the IP address is registered on the other side. But what if you are from UK and someone is logging in under your paypal account from Japan? That would seem suspicious, so this is flagged.
  • Your IP address has been detected as using a proxy. This may be you trying to get around your company firewall, but it also looks suspicious if a China address is using a proxy through a USA ip address. So this is flagged.
  • Your IP address has is coming from a very popular scam area. Sorry Nigeria and Indonesia.. you guys are automatically out.
  • The paypal account used has been associated with a previous order using an IP address far away from the current location. This looks like a hijack if you see the same paypal account being used from 2 different geo-locations. So this is flagged.
  • There may be some other situations as well.
This is SOLELY up to the OpenCart Administration team to decide what is "safe" or not and each of these orders is manually verified. Usually it only takes up to 24 hours to verify the info and the order is updated to Completed. But sometimes they will err on the side of caution and just refund the account and cancel the order. It all depends on how high the risk score is which is a factor calculated from the maxmind antifraud system at

This system is designed to protect the buyer, the seller, the OpenCart Team, and the Paypal Account owner from fraud. Sometimes it affects real people but often it does indeed block scammers.

The individual authors and developers of the mods have NO CONTROL on this so DO NOT waste either of your time by complaining to them in the comment section or on the forums.

You may contact the OpenCart team about this at but normally these are handled within a few hours of the order anyway. It is best to just be patient until the order is acted on.

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