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Visitor Tracker now has a local IP database for geolocation services. I plan on supporting both the remote geoip location service that Visitor Tracker currently uses for those that do not want to download a 10MB file or put the IP database file on their server. The IP database is 16MB uncompressed. But the speed increase on your frontend by not having to make that external call is VERY NOTICEABLE. I am using the local version on all of my servers now and I am sorry I didn't do this sooner. The problem will be, I can't upload the distribution to Opencart because of the file limitation set by them. The max file size you can upload is 5MB and obviously with a 16MB database file, the file size of the extension exceeds that by double. So I can either send to you directly through email or I can setup a link for you to download from. If you would like the version with the database local, please email me at Include the following:

Your name
The username you used to purchase Visitor Tracker on Opencart
The version of Opencart you are using

If you want this version of Visitor Tracker and have not yet purchased Visitor Tracker, please support the Opencart team by purchasing Visitor Tracker on the Opencart site first. Then email me as above and I will get you the file with the local database.

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