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Qphoria wrote:.... an update check on each mod that fires off when it is opened in the admin and determines if there is an update and allows you to one-click update it right from the admin. That is of course entirely dependent on the mod author to support on their own respective servers to do and only checks when you actually edit the page so that their own code loads.
That's pretty cool. (and I think sufficient, at least for now)
Also, for my own extensions an excellent solution...
I'm not as confident however about most extensions' authors having that luxury...
Wouldn't it be possible to use the same location as where the extensions are uploaded to?

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Post by Qphoria » Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:55 am

Well that is what I mean.. we'd need a format.. how will the code know that it is "newer" based on the zip file that exists on the server.

Doing a date check on the zip isn't relevant since the date usually shows the time it was updated.
Nobody uses the same filename format
Extracting every single mod and checking each for md5 hash isn't efficient

So we'd need to first implement some sort of structured mod versioning system and way of maintaining what the site has and what the server has.

For my own mods, I am currently using a txt file that matches my zip file name.. So it calls home to my server and compares the filename in the txt file to the filename on the server and determines if it is newer.

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Post by ritey » Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:37 pm

This is all sounding very promising, good work Q :)


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Qphoria wrote:Comments or Questions?
Good move, Q!
Please check the - it may be useful at this moment.

You and Daniel also don't use referencing commits to issue numbers. Please try to include words like "re #123 something useful" ("re" means "related" to issue #123) or "fixed #827 Ireland postcode asterix showing when postcode not mandatory" - and issue tracker will be more connected with commits and vice versa. The effect is more visible when several commits linked to one issue.

BTW, branching with Git is much more easy than with SVN. Very easy, very fast: `git checkout -b v152-new-feature` - and you on new branch already. Less than a second. With SVN you will wait 1-2 minutes (or dozens of seconds at least).
And no need to be online for branching, merging, commenting, commiting, looking history.
I had used SVN for 5-8 years and switching to Git was the best thing I had made past year.

So I hope someday you will migrate back to
On Github you can have lots of feature-branches from other people to be easy forked and proposed back to you (via pull request) without losing control and without need to enable someone to commit into your repo. For example see "How-to Guide" section on

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