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Xsecrets wrote: well right there is where you're blowing it all out of proportion. Lets just say for grins you have a very slow server and a db transaction takes 6 seconds. We both know it should really be under 500 milliseconds, but we'll make the numbers easy. If you are doing 10 orders in 6 seconds then you are doing 100 orders every minute that's 144,000 orders a day if it's linear of course it won't be, but even so given that a db transaction is actually generally less than half a second the linear number is well into the millions. I don't really think anyone would classify that as a small business.
It's not necessarily linear, you could have 5 orders at the same time and 5 hours without orders. But as I've already explained, 1 lost order would already be too much.

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well I think all points of view have been discussed already and the fact that innodb support is not planned has been stated, so I think this thread is pretty much pointless at this time and I'm locking it.

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