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It would be great if someone would be able to develop an RMA System (Return Merchandise Authorization) Extension for OpenCart I know there is one currently in development for OpenCart version 1.5 alpha, but it would take alot of time and the costs are high to move or upgrade carts. Therefore, it would be great if it would be a paid extensions for everyone to use for now.

The following options would be great:

1. Generate unique numbers for RMA
2. User can check status of RMA
3. User can reply and make comments
4. User can print out instructions of the RMA as a packaging slip.
5. Email sent to the user on the instructions.
6. RMA includes order number, RMA number, Address, product name and etc.

More info about it:

It should have the option to file a new return, by either entering their OpenCart order number, last name and postcode (so it can look up their details)on their name, address, item, order number, reason for return, refund request etc.

Once they have filed the RMA is should generate a unique number for them and generate all the info into a form to be returned with the item. They should then have the opportunity to add the tracking number to the RMA claim once it has been posted back.

They should be able to check for the current status of the return, including an admin panel to update the status and add tracking numbers or refund confirmations. We are possibly looking for some kind of messaging system to be inbuilt as well.

Admin should also be able to generate RMA manual as well.

Developers... please consider it. Thank you.

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Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:28 am

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I 100% support this idea!

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