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We are spiritual organization in India. We have total of 102 branches in all over India. We want to develop central ordering system of our products for all branches. Our all branches will visit this portal and place there requirement. We wish to use Open Cart as CMS for this. We are going to develop total online web based inventory system in 10 phases of development and here is 1st phase:

Project Details

1. Product Page:
(See current product page: http://www.placemyorder.tgfonlinestore. ... path=70_60)
Customization 1: We want to add 'Qty box' with every product on product page.
Customization 2: Remove all individual add to cart button and make common 'Add to Cart' button at the bottom of every page. Customer will type qty of every title and will hit common 'Add to cart' button at the bottom of every page and then they will click 'Next page' to give order of products on the next page. On the second page customer will follow same process - he'll just fill the boxes of qty and hit the common 'Add to Cart' button at the bottom of the page.
Customization 3: Make proper alignment in Grid view


2. We want Handling Fee on base of Percentage or fixed rate


3. SMS Module:
Customization 1: We want to integrate SMS module so that our customers (Centers) will receive updates of their order status by email as well as by SMS. Here is a link of one SMS module you can customize it or you can develop new module ... odule.html

We will provide you API of our SMS integrator. We want to put SMS update check box on the right side of 'default email notification checkbox' which is here:
Admin --> Sales --> Orders --> Order History --> Notify Customer by Email and Notify Customer by SMS
Customization 2: Both check boxes (email and SMS) should be in checked status by default.


4. Drop down list at checkout:
We want two drop-downs while checkout
First list asking: Reason of order (Editable list: we can add, delete, and rename options from Admin)
-Center requirement
-Event requirement
-Book exhibition requirement


5. One check box asking 'Would you like to split your order' in checkout on Order confirmation page. So if we have less stock in our hand in that case we can split their orders and will send available stock immediately and send remaining stock later.


6. In admin we want a function so we could split one order in multiple orders.
Eg. If we received order no ‘405’ there are 3 products
Order No 405
Product A = 100Qty
Product B = 100Qty
Product C= 100Qty

But we have limited stock so simply we will spilt this order as 405 (available) and 405A (Not available). Order 405 will be dispatched and order 405A will be kept pending unless the stock arrives. As soon as some stock becomes available we can further split the order as ‘405B’, ‘405C’…….

This split order status will also be shown in front office in customers account.

Considering above eg - actions of splitting order will be:
- As soon as admin receives order from branch, there should be a button 'Split Order', after clicking which the order will appear with editable qty box [Default qty will be there which was in the order given by customer], now admin can choose to reduce the qty of each title of order). The qty reduced will automatically create new order (we named it as 405A). Check example here:

Order No 405
Product A = 50Qty.... {As the user decided to send only 50Qty out of 100 here, the remaining 50 will appear in order 405A.
Product B = 50Qty.... {As the user decided to send only 50Qty out of 100 here, the remaining 50 will appear in order 405A.
Product C = 100Qty
.......{This order will be dispatched immediately.

Order No 405A
Product A = 50Qty
Product B = 50Qty
.......{This order will be kept pending.

After few days, we'll split Order No 405B as follows
Order No 405B
Product A = 25Qty
Product B = 50Qty
........{This order will be dispatched immediately.

Order No 405C
Product A = 25Qty
.......{ This order will be kept pending and will be sent as soon as the qty is available.

.......... and so on.

So, when we'll split any order we should be able to split order by title as well as quantity of title (Like we did above - we can send some qty of particular title initially and rest in next order)

When we'll split the order all other things like handling charges 2%, taxes etc should also get split according to the amounts of splitted bills.
Eg. If an order of Rs 100 is split in two orders of Rs 50, then 2% handling charges should also get splitted as Rs 1 for first suborder and Rs 1 for second splitted order.


7. We also want Excel Inventory update import and export function.


8. We also want to add one filter option in sales report. Branch wise order status.





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7. We also want Excel Inventory update import and export function: Best Excel import/export in the market ... n_id=10197

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