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Shipping Module Idea For Opencart


I am in dire need of a precise shipping estimator for opencart so i can tune in my prices to give my customer the best possible deals without the fear of losing money or charging too much.

Preffered using ups module and just adding the following requirements and options:

1. Separate packages by dimensions of product.

A.Get a volume from each product and add up the volumes of the products in the shopping cart.
B. In the back office have a default box size so users can input their custom box size.
C.Get that volume and divide the volume of the products by the volume of the box to get the number of boxes needed.
D. Now get the weight of the all the products and then divide that by the number of boxes to get a weight per box.(no matter what the weight distribution, the rates with be very close anyway and people will try to even out the weight of each box anyway)

2. For products that wont fit in the default box, make it a single package and use the product dimensions and weight(and not the default box info) in the calculation to account for dimensional weight and oversized package surcharges, if any.

3. For products that do not have dimensions, have a default product dimensions input, so users can change it in the backoffice. (so have default box dimensions and default product dimensions in the bo).

4. Irregular packages also get an additional surcharge. Want to have an option for each product to declare if its irregular or not.(Is this product in a irregular package?: Yes or No)

5. Since you DO NOT put in new items into a box without filling(peanuts), a percentage of the box will need to be used up by this packaging material.

a.Have this as an input in the backoffice users can change the percentage of filling they are willing to put in the box. (i.e. filling in each box in %: __).
b.Now multiply this input value by the box dimensions to get the actual volume that can be filled by the products.

6. have Handling fee PER BOX to pay for the costs of packaging. have it optional in the bo. (ie Handling fee per box: ___)

7. And then there is freight. Very large orders and some of my freight only items will need to be shipped freight. So it don't want these implemented into this module.(I will need several min and max rules to implement this module. i.e. use this module for shopping carts between $____ and $____. use this module for cart weights between ____ and ____ . use this module for cart item totals between ___ and ___ .)

As you can see i want it really accurate and i'm anxiuously awaiting a response. Please let me know if you have any question, as this is quite a bit of things to take in at once.

Thank You,




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