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We are needing a chat extension that provides the following....
1) Customer chat only. The chat bubble is always shown...if clicked and customer is not logged a notice is shown that also is clickable/link that will take custom to login page. Any logged in customer that clicks the chat bubble will see chat box and can begin chatting. Ability to add as module so chat can be on select or all layouts. MOBILE friendly is a must.

2) Chat history. Because customer only can chat we would like to have a complete chat history with each customer. When a customer logs in they will be able to see instantly their chat history with Admin. Admin will see the same chat history in the chat box on admin side but also by navigating to admin>customers>customer (Add new tab that shows chat history)

3) Images. Ability to upload and see images in chat box. Also viewable in chat history.

4) List of all logged customer that are available for chat. Admin can start chat with customer.

5) When Admin accepts chat request or starts a chat. Chats would be at bottom of admin page on all pages. Visual / +play audio file notice so admin can notice chat responses

We already have a few extensions that almost work for us but it's almost like we need to combine features and add some more to get what we really need. Better required details can be provided upon request if anyone is interested in a project like this.

Ultimately we want to have a chat option for customers to communicate with Admin and have that saved so it is available for customer and admin for later reference. Customer and Admin chat boxes should be clean and modern (can provide examples ) with notifications so chats don't go unnoticed. Our site can have many admin on at one time so 1 or more should be able to chat with customers and have their comments tagged with their profile information. Ability also for only certain admin groups to be able to chat...would be hidden to others.

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Hi ,
I will be glad to assist you for above. Please contact:


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Hi there,

We should be able to help with this, would you be able to drop us an email to get an estimate?

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We are happy to assist you. Please send an email at

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Sounds interesting and well within my area of expertise. I would be glad to help you out.
You can reach me on
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