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I am interested only in replies from those devs who already know the fix for this problem.

A quick definition: since I assume some kind of sort or ordering of product options has to be the case in any query for the set of product options, I’ll use the phrase “ill-sort” to describe that process as it is, rather than non-sort or random-sort.

Problem that needs fix is ill-sorting of product options on admin side. No problem on front-end.

After a little bit of research on my end I have come to suspect that a separate chunk of code is responsible for ill-sort of product options on each of the 4 admin screens where product options are displayed, and maybe too for customer and admin new order and order update emails. I don’t read or write code, and I have formed this opinion by researching on the net, primarily OpenCart community. I was hoping all admin product option sorts used the same code, like a common filter or something like that, but now I think not. Do you know?

Here are the admin screens that require correct sort:

1) Options edit
2) Product edit / options
3) New Order
4) Order history

Here are the emails:

1) admin new order
2) admin order update (I’m not sure admin update is normal OpenCart function – I have extension Order History Advanced that gives me that option)
3) customer new order (when order is entered via the admin)
4) customer order update (when order is entered via the admin)

One observation, not 100% sure about this, but maybe 95%: the ill-sorted product options as seen by the admin when entering order, will be the same order seen by the admin and customer in emails, and the same seen by admin or customer in order history. Not sure what that means, but you probably know. My guess is that ill-sort at time order is placed on admin side is just copied from there into order database entry and from there to order history and emails.

My main concern is the customer experience. In the case of a couple Service Products, I use product options to record and specify key service info. The first option is first for a reason, the second, same and so on. The customer will be a little irritated and dismayed to see ill-sorted options. The Service Products are entered on the admin side. And, btw, if I enter a service product on the front end, product option sort is correct on the screen, correct in emails and correct in order history.

Since my main concern is the customer experience, then I really only need code fix for admin screens #3 and #4 and emails #3 and #4.

Some respondents to my posting on OpenCart forum have suggesting something is wrong with my instance of OpenCart, maybe an artifact of an extension or mod. Yet at OpenCart forum I find many questions about this ill-sorting problem by other users. Way back 2 years ago when I started my OpenCart store design I made a second store (ver on same server which was left un-extensioned and un-modified for reference purposes. I checked that store and it has same ill-sort of options. There is a free extension at OC Marketplace that claims to fix this problem, but as it turns out it only tries to fix the problem on a couple screens, and for whatever reason does not fix the problem in my store.

viewtopic.php?f=131&t=155395 (this didn’t work for me, caused an error. I uninstalled.
viewtopic.php?t=109088 (code here is not ready to go, it required a dev to implement) ... _license=0 ( did not work for me. I uninstalled)

Maybe there is a good reason why options are ill-sorted for admins, but not customers, however I can’t imagine why….seems like OpenCart team oversight.

I am hoping this options sorting issue can be fixed with an xml file or an extension, something small. Now, I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but I think I prefer a fix that will interrupt OpenCart ill-sorting query for options and replace it with one that orders by option’s sort order number. Cure rather than bandage. In other medical terms, what is needed here is a fix for what looks like an OpenCart birth defect.



Rob Harvey
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Hello there,

Is this onw fixed ?

It looks like a quick fix in the sql queries of your instance.

Would love to know how it got fixed :)

If it is open - I can work on it as required.



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