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So this is what I need.

What I want to do is to create four stores - one with separate domain "" and three with sub-domains such us "", "" and "". This is easy. This is not a problem.

But two things more are not easy:

1. I do not want to use subdomains in url. Canonical url should be "" (instead of and then I apply special seo module which will create nice urls for products, categories and so on in different languages. Or we can have es hidden in and then the seo module will create also language prefixes so we will have es/prodcut-name-in-spanish and when language is different the seo module will give en/product-name-in-english and so on. But the problem is that I do not know how to successfully hide "en." or "es." or transform it to, /en/...

2. I need to change store any time language is changed. So any user has "" and when he or she decides to change language to English not only the language is changed but also at the very time when language is changed the store is also changed so that he or she gets in url: ""

It must have different stores because I want to have menus and many things to be customized. So theoretically there are all languages to all stores possible but because when you change your language you always change the store you will never have in practice "".

It seems to me that I just need some .httacces, javascript or php code to be written for me. Then I could apply it to the store by myself by instructions where to put this code (I do not have yet a final domain for the store, I am making preparations to create one).



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