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Hi all

We are looking for a shipping module for Opencart that can get live rates via API, we are using 2 company's PostNord and Posten/Bring (both Norwegian). ... ent-prices ... onresponse

We need to be able to set a % discount on the live rates so that we can sometime run special offer with discounted sipping rates, also we need a "tab" where we can set some selected products that will always have free shipping.

We also need an option to set a "fake" send to zip code so that the module will show rates before the customer have entered his real zip code, there is a good reason for this, one being that we have an option to "pick-up from store", so when our customer goes to checkout (one page checkout) Opencart will default to the option "pick-up from store" and customer forgets to change shipping option and complete the checkout, This generate much extra work for us, so that is why the "fake" postal code/zip code is important for us. The shipping rate will change anyway when the customer type in his / hers correct postal code/zip code.

We use this module now that have the options mention in 1.) and 2.), but it is only for one of the shipping company's (Posten/Bring) ... n_id=20104

So my wish is one module that get rates from both shipping company's and contain the options mention. It could also be OK with 2 modules, one for each shipping company's if that is a better solution, and if so, then I already got the one for Posten/Bring as mention above.
Later on, there most likely will be some more development in this module to integrate it with the company we use for label printing and all shipping info, but that is later on.

First we need to get some sense of cost developing this and we will use our time before any final decision is made.

Add your reference:
Opencart Partner?
Modules listed in the "Marketplace"?
Where are you located?

Fluid written English..

All the best

PS: No PM, Skype or any other from of communication, only email is answered.
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Please check my PM and let me know. I have relevant experience in Opencart and ready to help you.
Looking forward to your reply.

Shivank Agrawal
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