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Hi forum members,

I am running a webshop at this moment, We sell summaries for students at a Dutch university. At this moment, I face a problem where I can't find a solution for right away. I hope someone can help me, and also is available for future jobs for the website.

My problem at this moment:
We have around 50 summaries in our website. Each summary has its own releasedate. Every summary that is bought and paid on the website gets the order status "Processed". I work together with a printing company, and they look every day at 13:00 which new orders have been done by looking for the status "Processed".

But, some summaries can be bought before the releasedate as a pre-order. But the problem is that these pre-orders also get the status of "Processed". This causes confusion at the printing company, they don't know which "Processed" status can be send today and which one later.

So, what I want is the option per product in the Catalog>Products page what status the order will get when this product is included. For example:
- Product A is already released. When a customer does an order with Product A, the order status will be "Processed"
- Product B is not yet released. When a customer does an order with Product B, the order status will be "Denied" (or any other status, doesn't matter).
- When a customer does an order with Product A AND Product B, the order status will be "Processed".

I did not found any extension who can do this, so I think this is something for a developer. Can somebody help me with this?





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Hello Jeroen,
Please check my PM and let me know. I have relevant experience in Customizing Opencart and ready to help you.
Looking forward to your reply.

Shivank Agrawal
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We prepare summaries for students who can buy them on our webshop and later the status changes need to be modified. I need an Opencart developer or expert who could help us with the essaydune customer status in the Catalog > Products page
A summary has a releasedate and that is why we need to be careful about the status of the product

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Hello Jeroen,

I'm planning to create an e-learning course customizing Opencart and uploading materials for the topics in Business Administration (books, case studies, reviews, etc.). I've noticed that you have a similar block on your website. Could you please share your experience using Opencart and/or hiring an Opencart developer?

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Hi James, I am an opencart developer with strong experience in your requirement domain.
Can we discuss further? Skype me: cis.scott or email me at


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