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I need someone expert in Opencart to help me customize this.
The Opencart version of the site is
You will make this modification as a VQmod or Extension and must not modify any core Opencart file.

1. Allow order edit, such as add/edit/remove product,options,price,shipping,voucher,coupon etc.
We are currently using the Edit Order extension as attached, you can just continue to work on it or build your own version. ... n_id=16437

2. On each order edit, generate a new invoice with the exact same Invoice ID and Order ID, but with the new edited product and other order details.

2. Add/Subtract any inventory quantity changes upon order edit. Which mean if we take out 2pcs of Tshirt A from the order, the Product TshirtA should get back 2 pcs in the quantity. This is to ensure our stock count and inventory is tally.

3. A button or drop down appear near the "Print Invoice" button, so we now can Print original invoice and all those edited invoices. Such as Invoice 1 (23/4/2015), Invoice 2 (24/4/2015). *ON EACH EDIT, GENERATE A NEW SET OF INVOICE, label each invoice with time and date, and also allow to delete invoices*

Kindly PM me if and only if you are able to do this without causing any error/bug/conflict with other plugins and modifications which will affect the functionality of the site. Quote me your best price as well.

Thank you!
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I came across to your requirement & I would be very happy to assist you.

Please check your PM .

Warm Regards .
Thomas Johnson

Warm Regards ,
Thomas Johnson
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