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I know this can be done by adding a new customer group for the tax exempt customers. However, that would require us to enter all product specials as well as the product quantity discounts twice. One for each group. I really want to avoid that.

I would like to use the "safe" customer setting and rename it to Tax exempt, so we manually change that setting to "yes" for each tax exempt customer.

Where ever in the code the tax is calculated, it will first make a db query to check if the tax exempt setting is yes or no. If yes, it will not calculate the tax.

That's definitely my preferred way to do it. There is an alternative though.

That will be to add the exempt customers to their own group, and then change the quantity discounts and specials to work across all customer groups even though they are set to default customer group in the admin settings.

I am interested in quotes for both ways, but I do prefer the first options as mentioned.

I'd like that as a vqmod. I can not give you access to my server so you will have to create it on your own install.
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