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I have an Opencart site that I am developing for some time already.
I made a lot of customization and installed a number of plugins.

It is only now that I realized that the price appearing on my site and on the email confirmation is decreased by 16%.
For example, I enter $100 in the admin, but it will only show $84 on both the website and the email confirmation.

I tried to disable all my plugins, but still no luck.

By the way, I am not entering any price to the main price box. I am using the "Special" box to enter my price because I have two customer groups and I want to give them individual price. Do you think this is the problem?

I tried to figure out how to fix this, but I think it's already beyond my capacity (I am just a designer who happen to know a bit of programming, but I'm not an expert.).

Here is the link: ... ct_id=1322
The price I indicated is $10. But as you will see, it only displays $8.41

To see the price, please use this login details:
password: testing123

In line with this, is there someone here who can help me fix this bug? Can I ask for any suggestions from you guys for me to be able to see the root of this bug?

If you think you can help me fix this, please send me a message here or at and indicate your service fee.

Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon guys.



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I'm sure someone will be along to help soon, but if you did want to have another go yourself then it might be worth having a look at Code Lobster and XAMPP:


If you install XAMMP so that you can get a copy of your site running on your local machine then you can use CodeLobster to edit/debug it. CodeLobster includes a pretty good debugger that will allow you to step through the code, set breakpoints and see where/how the value is changing.

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