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Hi Guys,

I make and sell unique items in my Opencart store and have the problem of 2 or 3 customers checking out at the same time with the one item. This creates 2 or 3 sales of the single item and lots of trouble for me.
Opencart is allowing this because it waits on the payment confirmation to come from the payment processor before taking the item out of inventory. This is too long when 3 people are checking out all at once and allows the item to be sold 2 or 3 times.

I need an extension, or module to control the customer cart so when the first customer puts the item in their cart it is taken out of inventory for a certain amount of time (say 15 minutes), then returned to inventory if they do not checkout in that time.

Any help is appreciated.



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PM' you. Please check it.

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I need something similar. I have a limited number of products available and we can get a large number of people online trying to buy our products when they come available. Our last product sold out (150 items) in less than 10 minutes. We ended up overselling by 17 because we had multiple people in the checkout process at the same time.



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I have the same problem. This is big problem if you ask me, you can lose customers if you wont handle this the right way.

Is there a simple extension (vqmod) for this please somebody let me know.

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This in fact is an interesting and complicated mod but can be done by us
The admin can set after how many minutes a product is put back into inventory after being added to a cart
The complicated part is that the inventory/timing expiry check needs to happen during the following stages
1) When a product is shown
2) When a product is already in the cart
3) At checkout stage
4) At payment confirmation stage
For. eg There maybe situations when a user could have added a product to his cart and say after 15 mins(set by admin) tries to proceed to checkout and so inventory checking needs to happen even at this stage and so on

Can be surely done but quite complicated.

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