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Someone with SIGNIFICANT experience in launching OC in an enterprise environment. Note, this will include launching on Amazon Web Service using EC2, Route 53, load balancers, traffic prioritization, etc. You will need to create the AWS infrastructure instances, configure all the servers (Linux), handle all the DNS/Domain configurations, and then handle all the database configurations for redundancy, SSL's, etc. This is NOT a easy OC install on a shared server at a hosting company.

There will be a second phase to this after initial deployment, including integrating OC into SalesForce and other systems that are XML via REST or SOAP. We will have a multi store set up, one main store with 10 different multi-stores that have different CSS and menu set-ups.

Please PM me if you are interested. This could be a long term engagement for the right developer. Note that we are not looking for a consulting firm. We are more looking for a single developer looking to moonlight as required.



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Depending on your deadline, I'm not sure you're going to be able to find a freelancer to do this.


This account is inactive. Look for us under the name 'EvolveWebHosting' and contact us under that username.


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Upon the strength of setting up and running plural EC2, etc., and of seeing in your three threads your hands-on experience with, I'll suggest that whoever shows having been there, done that, will in turn be conversely interested to hear how you plan to proceed when, as they will, billings burgeon and test the differences between practicably doable mission that would grow and pragmatic mission abort that would frustrate. Odds are that you will find someone, and vice-versa, but not overnight.

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We recently developed on Opencart on Amazon c3 large instance. Including PCI compliance.

Please do visit our web-site


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