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The problem I am experiencing:

When I try to edit an order from admin by adding new products or trying to delete one ones I get an error message. This feature of editing orders is extremely important and I need to get it fixed somehow.

Note: the problem existed before I installed an extension (+VQMod]Admin One Page Order View and Edit) that changed the look of the admin order view

I have an extremely basic knowledge about opencart which basically consists of uploading files via FTP. I tried googling the problem, and could not find a solution apart from the fact that opencart may need to be reinstalled. However, I did not want to try to reinstall opencart myself as I have added various extensions to my site, as well as editing other files, such as duplicating payment methods, and I didn't want to loose these changes, as well as any limited customer data that I may have.

I have been quoted a price to fix this problem by another developer but the price was a lot higher than my budget. I also have a few other non important problems that I am experiencing, for example when I turn on SEO URL's one of my links does not work anymore, and I would also like someone to implement better countdown timers on the homepage so that all three work at once, and possibly a nicer style. We can discuss the price to do these as well after the main issue of the edit orders not working.

The site is

Please contact me via forum or email


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It may not be this but make sure the number of order editable days are high enough for the order you want to edit.

To find that, go to System > Settings > Edit Store > Option Tab > CHECKOUT Section > Order Editing

If that's not it, feel free to drop us an email but if another developer was too expensive we probably would be too as we pride ourselves on quality code not cheap code.

Email is




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Post by csb89 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:32 pm

Thanks paul. Was nothing to do with the amount of editable days though, if that was the problem the edit button wouldn't even appear.

I have hired a random guy who was cheap. Now lets hope he doesn't mess anything up.

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Post by Grandstand » Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:15 am

Not sure if it can still help you, but I have built an order edit VQmod that you can see here:

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