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Hello everyone,

Thank you for reading my post.

I already have purchased few CSV import extensions and none of them are able to import options and options quantities from my suppliers CSV files.

I have also had promises from some developers and they failed to deliver for different reasons. Mostly laziness and not being professional or not having enough knowledge to follow their promise. I am sure you would understand my urgency as I have lost at least 3 months in potential sales.

I am using Opencart and Items I sell in this case are shoes, therefore I would need options for sizes and few more little but important things, which you can incorporate from my existing extensions or make brand new one.

Please contact me directly at :

Thank you in advance :)



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Gone through your reply.

We are one of the opencart support providers from india. We can able to import your data .

Are you looking for upload your data from CSV file to Opencart Databases in a single time ? or you want to design an extension to handle this in frequently ?

For a single time upload, we can able to upload this product quickly (1 to 7 days) based on your input excel format.
If you want to create a new extension for this, i need few more duration to check about your complete input file and your website to know more about your expectations.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.
We are providing support for more than 200 open cart clients across the world. Awaiting to discuss.

You can reach me at skype : shrimantech , Line : shrimantech , KIK : manimca



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Never mind Yahoo, see PM.

This merely pursues a hunch.

It would be helpful to have the shop's URL for an initial look at products, etc.. It would also be helpful to have the first three rows, and at the very least the first row, of each supplier's .csv files (thus, formats); in, for example, one text file with a blank row (doubled hard returns) between the extracted first rows from the several source files. The latter single file would then likely be small enough to "attach" to PM. (Pasting the content into a usual post would probably make a complete mess of the format.)

Let's look at some basics. A database grid has a "magic" top row and left column, but is otherwise the same grid layout as a spreadsheet, which optionally may also be given "magic" top row and left column. The "magic" is definition in labeling, of row records, columnar fields. In .csv the rows are rows, the columns are between commas rather than between vertical bars. When file formats are interconverted, (1) every text comma in .csv or .sql enforces a vertical bar in spreadsheet or database grids, (2) every text row enforces a horizontal row. If the database and the .csv or spreadsheet files don't have the same numbers of columns or the same column labels, there's trouble waiting to happen.

The OC DATABASE has columns for fields, rows for records. The SUPPLIERS do not necessarily even have the same numbers or names of columns for the same fields among themselves, let alone matching OC.

That appears to be where your ongoing problem (among the several posts in your profile) in turn seems to originate and to continue. That accordingly seems also to frame the nature of what must be done to resolve it. Then the question is not whether that can be fully automated but instead whether you're up to the potential expense for setting it up. Solutions could well range from simple manual preparations to enforce .csv consistencies, all the way into a Java or C++ manipulation of .csv setups in order to force concordance among them, and removal of irrelevancies, prior to import into OC. Given the likely orders of magnitude (base ten) of suppliers, of shoes, of shoe options, and of changes among those per annum, a simpler approach might well be preferred over a more complex one.

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Are you still looking for a OpenCart Developer to handle csv import? You may visit ... g_cart.php

We make customised parsing scripts to import data.


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