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1) When creating various options for certain products it would be nice to reuse the options you have created. For example. I have added a list of towns for a product but this option also applies to 3 other products, the only way I could see to do this is to create the list 3 times (fun!).

2) When you purchase a computer from Dell you are taken to different stages offering you optional extras. Currently we have all the options listed beside the product we are selling but it would be nice to be able to create a chain of products, so when a computer is selected instead of add to cart it would be 'next step' so something else can be selected (optionally). We want to do this so we can give customers a good explination of each item within one product we are tring to sell.

3) Custom shipping module. We are meeting various shipping and postage companies to find the best solution for us, would be nice if someone was able to impliment a solution for us once we have decided on a company and know the calcuations needed to work out shipping or postage.

4) Modifications to the invoice emailed to customer. Currently it does not show the optional extras that the customer has selected, we want it to do this and show the prices accordingly.

5) I have created various categories with products in, but these products are not ready to sell just yet. Trouble is even though I have disabled all of the products within the categories the category still shows up on the website, would be nice to have these hidden (until I enable a product within a category).

I would much prefer to deal with one person for all of the above as there is more than likely future work invovled, would prefer to pay by paypal as the boss doesn't like giving me his creditcard ;)

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1. There is a "Global Options Mod" by readyman that does this
2. That has been requested a few times. It's not easy but may be possible for someone to make
3. There are already many free and commercial shipping modules for the big ones like UPS, USPS, and FedEx.. So when you decide on a company, you may be able to use one of those existing modules or I am quite fluent in the world of payment and shipping APIs and I am for hire for custom modding.
4. I have a mod for this already here
5. There is a mod for manually disabling/enabling categories here

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