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Hi OC community,

I've been a zen-cart user for the past 4 years now, and as much as I like it, I am also thinking it's getting a bit aged in technology. Its still using the a structure very similar to osCommerce, and so every now and then I check the internets for something new and exciting.

So I found OpenCart on and I'm feeling those funny butterflies feelings in my stomach... like love :P. I was actually testing out Magento and OpenCart and I foud Magento powerful, but overly complicated while OpenCart is still powerful but surprisingly easy to follow through the code.

I've coded my fair share of contributions and templates over at Zen-cart, but it seems each time it gets more complicated and there are lots of code-hoops to jump through because the code there is not quite standardized... most template code is in the templates, but then there is some hardcoded function code slipped in here and there and it begins to make a seemingly easy modification into a hack. Most notably is the CSS tho. I've been big into CSS lately and while ZC for the most part uses all DIV based layouts, the amount of nesting is insane. Using Firefox's web developer to view the CSS breadcrumbs goes beyond the width of 2 monitors. While many other sites, cms', and ecommerce solutions, such as OpenCart, manages to do it much cleaner in a lot fewer tags. This is one of the many things that has been turning me off from zen-cart and is attracting me to OpenCart.

I have downloaded OpenCart and I'm liking what I see so far and its very clean and to the point which is very easy to work with. I'm going to see what is out there by way of contribution, as well as what is planned officially and see where I can contribute. I've created some decent contributions for Zen-Cart such as dynamic tabbed products, designer column dividers, and a few templates. OpenCart looks pretty easy to work with so I am looking forward to getting my feet wet.

Thank you to Daniel and OC staff for all your hard work!
(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum)
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Welcome to the OpenCart community.

When I started out with e-commerce solutions, I compared OSCommerce, Zencart, OpenCart, Agora, and others. I came to the same conclusion. Both OSCommcerce and Zencart are too bloated and not as cleanly coded as OpenCart. Opencart has a much cleaner MVC framework, and its support for composite views using templates makes it easy for website integration and styling.

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